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Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS)


OCRS is a mechanism used to calculate the likelihood of an operator being non-compliant. OCRS is not a rating system; OCRS informs VOSA examiners of the probability of an Operator being compliant or non-compliant. OCRS was introduced to try to ensure that effective targeting is carried out, by targeting non-compliant operators more effectively as well as reducing the number of compliant vehicles that are stopped.

VOSA will be making changes to OCRS which come into force on the 1st October 2012, below is a summery of the changes.

Predictive scoring

VOSA is replacing predictive scores with a zero score – a ‘grey fleet’ marking. This will highlight to VOSA staff that we have no data with which to rate that operator’s risk of non-compliance. VOSA staff will be asked to target grey fleet vehicles immediately after ‘red’ rated vehicles, in order to reduce the number of ‘unknowns’ in the system and make sure we have useful data for most operators. As the grey fleet reduces, our targeting will adjust accordingly.

Available data

To make the OCRS more robust, VOSA will move from a rolling two-year dataset that calculates OCRS from the end of the previous month, to a rolling three-year dataset, that will start from May 2009 and will calculate the OCRS from the end of the previous week.

Points system

Point allocation for traffic offences will be moved to the same system as for mechanical defects, graduated based on the severity of the offence. Rather than different points for each defect or offence, a set number of points will be allocated based on the seriousness of the defect or offence.

Weighting by age

Going forward from 1st October, all points will be weighted by age. As defects / offences slip into the past, their weighting will reduce and the operator’s score will become greener (assuming no new offences), giving operators the chance to improve their score without a clear encounter with VOSA.

Red shift

However, some events will trigger an operator’s to red, no matter what their baseline score is. For example, a conviction will move an operator to red for a 12 month period, after which the operator will revert to the status merited by their baseline score.

Some of the Most Serious Infringements will result in a red status for a 6 month period, after which the operator will revert to the status merited by their baseline score.

Fixed RAG bands

VOSA is also looking to move to a system where operators are rated as Red, Amber or Green depending on their baseline score – rather than continuing with a fixed percentage of operators in each band.

This means that operators will only move between the bands as either the result of a vehicle inspection or the result of a weighting factor reducing the score.

More information on the new system can be found at www.vosa.gov.uk/ocrs-faqs also click here.


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