Digital Tachograph Downloading Service and Analysis  

Digital Tachograph AnalysisLooking at purchasing your first vehicle and not sure what you need to start using a digital tacho? Or even upgrading vehicles and need advice on changing from analogue to digital tacho’s?

VIP Transport Management Consultancy (Kent Based consultants) provide a downloading service that can be as simple or in-depth as you require, producing reports on driving hours law, working time directive, over speeding, daily and weekly rests. Working out any Infringements that a driver may have had and giving a breakdown on where and how they have gone wrong, within the requirements of the department of transport and VOSA.

How we can help:

  • We can visit you on your premises and issue you and your drivers any forms required by DVLA to apply for digital tachograph cards
  • Install the company card details onto the vehicle unit. This locks your company details into the machine.
  • Driver Training, we can show how to use your Digital tachograph and what your drivers will do on a daily basis.
  • Driver card downloads, we can download each diver card (or show you) and explain how you can access your drivers information (this should be no longer than 28 days).
  • Vehicle unit downloads, this can also be done by us or we can also show you what you need to do (this should be no longer than 56 days)
  • We can also combine Analogue and Digital Tachographs into one convenient place.
    We can print out any infringements (or again show you) with full Tacho analysis on the driver and vehicle, you only pay for what you use (no weekly or monthly subscription).

All reports are web based using , this enables you to download or view any reports anywhere in the world. (Click here for more info)

Digital Tachograph Analysis CostSo what’s the cost?

Every company is different so we tailor our services around you, so if you only want just the first set up or a weekly or monthly visit with full support then we can supply what you need.

Digital Tachograph Analysis is priced per chart and stored online so can be accessed anywhere in the world!

All Hardware can also be supplied but all consultants carry equipment needed to carry out all your tachograph requirements.

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